The mission of Spirit Athletics, a non-profit organization, is to provide home educated students with the opportunity to participate in organized interscholastic sports activities with other schools within the Richmond, Virginia area. Our major objective is to further the advancement of youth through fair competition and interaction with Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School sports activities. Our players compete in the Virginia Commonwealth Athletic Association (VCAA), The Va Homeschool Athletic Assoc. (VHSAA) and the Capital City Athletic Conference (CCAC). Please see individual Sports tabs for contacts for that sport.


Richmond Spirit Athletics serves the homeschool community in the Richmond area. Our players come from all over the Richmond area. We are a member of the CCAC, VCAA, and the VHSAA. We play other Christian and private schools in the area which include: Banner, Veritas, Grove Avenue Baptist, Evangel, West End, Yeshiva, Richmond AZA, New Community, New Bridge, Carmel, CVHAA, Piedmont, Ladysmith Baptist, Elijah House, Salem and Victory as well as many of the Homeschool Teams in the State of Virginia